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We’re LeapUp, A Digital Solutions Technology Company

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Temperature Screening Solution for COVID-19

Provide cost effective solutions

We work with our customers to scale the solutions to the customer’s requirements and financial targets. There is always more than one way to meet the objective. We give our customers options and help them choose the solutions that can meet their needs within their budget.

Provide quality products and services

When dealing with software there will always be issues. We inform our customers based on real life experience with the products we implement and support. Even more important, we use the latest technology to manage our business and projects. We have more than 20+ years of experience with Digital Solution Technologies.

Utilize state of the art technology to provide the best support experience possible

We understand that our customers want an easy way for us to communicate and provide support. With our web based tools to connect remotely with customers, and provide on demand support, we make sure communications are seamless. Any customer with an internet connection can be easily and quickly assisted.

Maintain and nurture partnerships that benefit our customers

The demands of today's business world go beyond the financial systems. We understand as trusted partners to our customers, we need to develop, maintain and nurture relationships with other organizations that provide services beyond the scope of our organization.